June 2011

Sa, 11th
10:00    Start-up Symposium (Construction and Urban Development Department of
            Ulaanbaatar city, GIZ)
15:00    Project Introduction, Visit the site, first sketches

So, 12th 
 9:00    Gandan Monastery
10:00   Study on site

Mo, 13th 
10:00   Town Museum
12:00   Study on site

Tue, 14th 
8:00     Arrival Erdenet
11:00   Erdenet, Reservoir dam, …
18:00   Arrival Amarbayasgalant Monastery

We, 15th
9:00     Amarbayasgalant Monastery, study on architecture and landscape
15:00   Return trip

Thu, 16th
07:40   Arrival UB
10:00   Visit Zanabazar Museum
12:00   Design Studio – Brainstorming, open end

Fri, 17th
09:00   Visit Summer House Area (north of UB),
12:00   Design Studio, open end

Sa, 18th 
9:00     Symposium (MUST, TUD, Goethe Institut Ulaanbaatar, Acad., Ministry of
           Education, Culture and Science)
15:00   Presentation of Urban Concepts by students (MUST, TUD)
17:30   Farewell Reception

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