The International Summer School 2011 "Ger vs. Skyscraper – Social, cultural and architectural change in Mongolia", held from June 10-18th 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, is an international project organized by the Technische Universitaet Dresden (TUD) in co-operation with the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), the GIZ, the Goethe-Institut and the Construction, Urban Development and Planning Department of Ulaanbaatar City.

The Summer School dealt with the ongoing urbanization process and the unrestricted growth of Ger settlements in Ulaanbaatar City (UB), Mongolia. The focus was to develop urban concepts for the Gandan Areal – the heart of UB and one of the most important historical places, which is strongly influenced by urban transformation processes.
Students of architecture of both universities worked in teams and carried out a field survey and a photographic documentation which was to be seen within the photo exhibition on June 18th (conference day). In a third step all teams outlined their ideas in several draft designs. In a final workshop the students designed three different urban concepts for the Gandan Areal. These concepts have been presented and discussed on the conference on June 18th.

14 Mongolian students of architecture (MUST)
13 German students of architecture (TUD)
Guests from both universities
Further guests please see Conference speakers

Organizing Committee:
Matthias Burghardt (Initiator and Coordinator, TUD)
Purev-Erdene Ershuu (Organization, MUST)
Amgalan Sukhbaatar (Organisation, MUST)
Prof. Ralf Weber and Team (Organization, TUD)
Heike Michel (Conference Organization, Goethe-Institut)
Ruth Erlbeck (Organization, GIZ)
Mareike Guensche (Photo documentation and exhibition)

Co-operation partners:


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