The mayor goal of the Summer School is to research about the architectural and urban past, about the changing spatial and cultural patterns specific to Mongolian society (first step) and to develop urban concept proposals particularly for the Gandan area (second step). The focus will be on the obviously ongoing process of social, cultural and architectural change in Mongolia, respectively in Ulaanbaatar, and on its potentials.

Concerning this change a conference will be held on June 18th by mongolian and German scientists and researchers of both the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) and the Technical University Dresden (TUD) as well as by fellows of the Mongolian Government and the town planning office of Ulaanbaatar. The conference will give an insight in life patterns and strategies to deal with problems of the ongoing change. It will be open for students and researchers from all participating universities and institutions and for all interested Mongolians. Language: English/Mongolian.

The results of studies, surveys, urban concepts and the conference contributions will be documented and published.

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